NEFE's Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit FAQs

Does it cost anything to use the Financial Education Evaluation Toolkit? 
The Toolkit is completely free, as are all materials and programs from the National Endowment for Financial Education (www.nefe.org).

Who can use the Toolkit?
The Toolkit is reserved for schools and nonprofit organizations only.

Why use the Toolkit?
Evaluation allows educators, administrators and funders to make financial education program decisions based on objective data. It provides information about areas for improvement and demonstrates the impact a course or program has on participants.

I’ve already completed teaching my class. Can I still evaluate it?
If you don’t plan for evaluation at the beginning of the program, the opportunity is lost to record program outcomes and understand the contributing factors. Sometimes you can go back to participants and ask for reactions later. However, planning an evaluation from the beginning provides the most reliable data.

How do I create a login?
Visit toolkit.nefe.org and click the ‘Create a Free Account’ link at the top right of the page. Enter your user registration information when prompted and click ‘Create Account.’ You will be redirected to our member homepage to begin creating your evaluation.

Do I need a login?
You must create a login to use the Toolkit. Once you’ve logged in, you will be able to create and save evaluations.

Can I save my completed evaluations?
Yes. You can create as many evaluations as you need. Save each evaluation in your account and return at your convenience to edit or print.

Can I email or print my evaluations?
Yes. Click the ‘Print’ link, then open and print the evaluation or download as a PDF. Save the PDF to your computer to add as an attachment to emails or print directly from your computer.

Does the Toolkit score assessments?
Yes. Assessments are automatically scored. Click ‘View Results’ on the specific evaluation to get a web view of the total responses, total points available, and average score. Note: if you added a Likert scale question with no right or wrong answer, it will not be scored. Click the ‘Download Detailed Results in Excel’ link to see further details, such as individual student scores by question, a total student answer comparison, and a question comparison, which shows the questions students got right and wrong.

What kind of programs can be evaluated using the Toolkit?
The Toolkit is designed to evaluate financial education courses, but it also can be used to evaluate other programs (high school courses, one-time interventions, online courses) by adding custom questions.

Will NEFE do anything with the email address I provide when I create an account?
No, your email address is completely confidential and will not be shared with anyone. NEFE uses your email to track Toolkit users only.